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Texas Mother Gets 30 Years For Allowing Daughter To Marry Man Over 30 Years Older

Cherry Payton, who is 43, was sentenced to 30 years in prison. This was for allowing her daughter to marry someone 34 years older than her. In 2017, the young lady told her doctor that she was intimately active with “her husband” who she told her doctor was a whopping 34 years older. The mother allegedly said that her daughter was married and had consented to the marriage. This was due to it being part of their “religious beliefs.” Her daughter was married for about a year before revealing such truth to her Physician. There are rumors of other
bad treatment may have went on between the daughter and the mother. Authorities says that’s they have arrested the daughter’s husband. Steven Carty, who is 47 was charged with aggravated intimate assault of a child. Authorities also found out that there was no marriage license on file. This established that the marriage was not legit.  The religion that Payton claimed to be was Hebrew Israelites. It is legal for an 18 year old to get married in the State of Texas. There are some exceptions for a 16 year old to get married as well.

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