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Tamika Scott Granted Order Of Protection Against Her Sister And Brother-in-law

Tamika Scott, one of the members of the R&B group Xscape, has revealed that she has obtained a temporary protective order (TPO) against her sister and fellow singer LaTocha Scott and her husband Rocky Bivens. Tamika made this disclosure on Kandi Burruss' podcast, 'Speak On It', where she opened up about the ongoing feud between her and the couple. Tamika accused LaTocha and Rocky of stealing $30,000 from her in music royalties and threatening to leak her intimate tape. She also claimed that they sent her text messages implying that they would harm her or her husband, Darnell Winston. Tamika said that she had to take legal action to protect herself and her family from the alleged harassment and intimidation. The drama between Tamika and LaTocha dates back to earlier this year, when their hit TV show SWV & Xscape: The Queens of R&B aired on BET. The show documented the behind-the-scenes drama of the two legendary groups as they prepared for a Verzuz battle. One of the episodes featured a heated confrontation between Tamika, Kandi and Tiny on one side, and LaTocha on the other, over some text messages that revealed that Rocky was getting kickbacks from certain promoters without the other members' knowledge. Tamika also confronted LaTocha about some royalty checks that she never received, which she suspected were cashed by Rocky

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under false pretenses. LaTocha and Rocky denied the allegations, but Tamika was not convinced. She later posted some receipts on social media to back up her claims, showing that Rocky had signed her name on some documents without her authorization. The fallout from the scandal has affected not only Tamika and LaTocha's personal relationship, but also their professional one. LaTocha decided to walk away from Xscape and pursue her solo career, releasing a gospel album called The Invitation: A Conversation With God in April. However, the album did not perform well commercially, selling only 678 copies in its first week. Tamika, on the other hand, said that she still loves her sister and hopes to reconcile with her someday. She also expressed her desire to continue working with Xscape, but admitted that the TPO makes it impossible for them to perform together at this time. She said that she hopes that LaTocha and Rocky will respect the order and stop contacting her or her husband. It is unclear how long the TPO will last or whether Tamika will pursue further legal action against LaTocha and Rocky. It is also uncertain whether Xscape will reunite as a group or remain as a trio without LaTocha. Fans of the group are hoping that the sisters will eventually sort out their differences and heal their wounds.

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