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Zonnique Claps Back At Her Stepmother

Singer/reality star, Tameka "Tiny" Harris, has just had an all out war with the stepmother of her oldest child, Zonnique. It got really heated at rapid speed after the stepmom started it on social media for ALL the world to see. But after seeing how Tiny blasted back, and how Tiny's daughter jumped in, the stepmom probably wishes she would have just picked up the phone to iron out their grievances. This turned really bad, REALLY fast... It all started innocently enough, Tiny Harris' husband/rapper, T.I., posted a photo of himself with his stepdaughter (Tiny's biological daughter), Zonnique, with the simple caption, "Mines!!!!" Well, let's not speak to soon, because Zonnique's stepmother got mad as heck by this and made it known right there on Instagram...
Tiny (mother): @majorgirl Zebo ther/Tiny's ex) IG unknown Zonnique (daughter of Tiny & Zebo; step-daughter of T.I.): @zonniquejailee T.I. (step-father/Tiny's husband): @troubleman Cheryl (step-mother/wife of Zebo): @QT4Life007 Cheryl then took shots at T.I.'s and Tiny's parenting skills, insinuating that they put up a front for the cameras: "Ain't no parent of the year award being given over there until them cameras rolling." Of course Zonnique got tired of watching the battle over her, so she jumped in and traded online blows with the stepmom: She basically said to leave her mother and her step father's name out of her mouth. She said anything that is concerning her mother is none of her business. The stepmother clapped back and than closed her Instagram account. The saga continues.
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