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Carl Crawford's Ex-fiancee Will Refuse To Return $1.4m Engagement Ring Even If She Legally Has To (video)

It was recently reported that former Los Angeles Dodgers slugger Carl Crawford called off his engagement to Basketball Wives' star Evelyn Lozada after he either figured out he would lose half his assets from a divorce, or he cheated on her-depending on which report you would like to believe. Crawford, who once signed a $142 million contract during his playing days, proposed to Lozada back in 2013 and gave her a massive $1.4 million engagement ring. The two were set to get married just three
weeks ago. Now that the wedding is off, Lozada is legally obligated to give the ring back, since an engagement ring is considered a conditional gift in California-that condition being she has to get married.  TMZ explains why that might not happen: "But sources close to Lozada tell us ... Crawford ain't getting it back, period.  We're told she's planning on keeping the ring in a safe and passing it on to her kids one day. And at this point, she's not expecting Carl to put up a fight."

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