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Alabama Woman Shoots Boyfriend On Facebook Live For Not Divorcing His Wife.

A woman from Tuscaloosca, Alabama is in police custody after she allegedly held her lover at gunpoint while on a Facebook Live with his wife. Wednesday, the victim’s wife posted on Facebook that her husbands mistress, Keanna Cammon, had called her via the website’s video chat service and showed that she was holding a gun to the 30 year old man’s head. Screen grabs from their call show Cammon appearing to wave a gun around and pointing it at the camera during the heated
exchange. This crazy a b kameron Cammon just called me live with a gun at my expletive husband’s head, the wife wrote on Facebook. I don’t know if he is OK and I don’t where about he is in Tuscaloosa. Can somebody help me? I’m at work and I am about to lose it. I think she shot him. Two hours later the distraught woman posted an update: She expletive shot him. I’m about to lose my expletive mind. Watch video below

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