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Can You Rock A Pixie Cut?

1Exude confidence in your cut. When your hair is short, you have no locks to hide behind-your facial features are on full display. In order to pull off the short hair cut, you must own your pixie cut! Show off your short hair with pride; radiate confidence as you are out and about town.*If you are shy and prefer to avoid the spotlight, the pixie cut may not be for you.2Maintain your personal style. After trading your long locks in for a short pixie cut, you may feel pressure from society to highlight or feature your femininity. Instead of altering

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your wardrobe, continue to rock your personal style. Wear your pant suits, baseball tees, and sweats with confidence!3Embrace the awkward growth phases. Maintaining a pixie cut requires regular trims. When you tire of the maintenance or are ready for a new look, be prepared for your cute pixie cut to go through some awkward growth phases. Don't dread the grow out process. Instead, experiment with new styles and different lengths! *If you have always wondered what you would look like with a short layered do or a chin length bob, the growth period offers you a chance to find out!