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Lapd handling An Incident At Chris Brown's Tarzana Home After Woman Called For Help

TARZANA >> Los Angeles police said Tuesday they are "handling an incident" at singer Chris Brown's residence in Tarzana as the singer took to social media to deny any wrongdoing and condemn police. A call initially came at 3:11 a.m. from the 5000 block of Corbin Avenue, police said. The home is located in a posh, hillside neighborhood of one- and two-story homes that are nearly all protected by locked iron gates. "It came out as a female requesting help," Officer Drake Madison of LAPD's Media Relations Section said. "Our Robbery/Homicide Division is handling that, and they are on scene." Deputy Chief Bob Green said police were trying to establish contact with people inside the home who can "resolve the issue." He said the gate to the home had been opened, but police were still waiting to gain entry to the house. "We don't want to make this your typical barricaded suspect" situation, Green said from the scene. "This is not the first time it happened that Chris Brown has been involved in something." Lt. Chris Ramirez said police were "working with Mr. Brown's representatives to try and communicate with him." The woman, who made the call from outside of Brown's home in the early morning hours, was no longer at the property. "Right now, it is still an ongoing investigation and we have to determine what went on," Ramirez said earlier Tuesday. According to published reports, the woman alleged that Brown had threatened her with a gun. However, Madison said he could not confirm that information Tuesday morning. In a series of rambling videos posted on his Instagram
page Tuesday morning, Brown said the incident was "giving me better publicity." He called the police "the worst gang in the world" and bashed the media for reporting on the incident. "I'm tired of this shit," he said. "'Barricaded myself in the house?' Have you seen my house? I'm gonna barricade myself in a palace? I'm not coming out. For what? I ain't did shit. I ain't gonna do shit and it's always gonna be * the police.' Black Lives Matter... You'all gonna stop playing with me... like I'm going crazy. I'm not. You guys got me ..... up though." In another video, Brown said he awoke to "helicopter choppers" above and police at the gate. "What the else do you all want from me bro?... I stay out of the way, take care of my daughter, do work. I don't need ... ugly , trifling ...., whatever the ....it is... I'm way too tired to want to be dealing with that bullshit." Brown also said when he calls the police about stalkers endangering his life, but they "don't come 'til the next day." "Unless somebody makes up a ....up allegation about me - and oh, yeah, the whole .... Swat Team." Police taped off Corbin Avenue, right at intersection of Citrus Ridge. No one was being allowed up Citrus Ridge to access Brown's driveway. TMZ reported Tuesday that Brown had thrown a duffel bag out of a window, and police retrieved at least one gun, some other weapons and drugs. Brown has had a number of run-ins with police, including his 2009 domestic abuse of then-girlfriend Rihanna.
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