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Pregnant Woman Gets Shot And Dies After Her Baby Shower

A woman who had just spent the evening celebrating at her own baby shower was shot and morbidly wounded. She was in front of her home. Apparently her ex boyfriend is a person of interest. Emotions were pouring heavily as family members of Shanice Young made a memorial in front of the Harlem building where the 31-year-old was viciously taken. Authorities said that there was a dispute and Young was trying to separate up a physical altercation. During this event shots were fired. A woman who identified herself as the victim’s sister said that was not what happened. She was nine months pregnant. Shanice was
a victim,” the woman said. Authorities said that the event happened just after 1 in the morning, outside of the victim’s residence. The neighbors said that the victim had just returned home from her own baby shower and was loading her gifts into the lobby of her building. She was accompanied by her current boyfriend and family when a man out of no where opened fire. One of the shots hit her in the head. Shanice had two daughters and she was pregnant with a girl. The baby that she was carrying died as well. It’s still unclear if Shanice was the intended target.

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