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Toya Wright Talks About Beef With Tamar On The Breakfast Club (video)

Toya Wright stopped by "The Breakfast Club" on Thursday morning to promote her new book, "My Own Words...My Real Reality." In the book, Toya addresses Tamar Braxton's "petty" beef with her that stems from her appearance on "The Real." During her interview Toya told DJ Envy, Charlamagne, and Angela Yee: I go and I do it [appear on "The Real"]. Then, the next day all of this stuff all in the media like, 'Tamar Braxton unfollowed Toya and such and such cause she appeared....I'm like, 'Is this real?' So, I make a phone call to someone just to make sure that it's real before I even...you know what I mean? So, my friend was like, 'Yeah, you know she just felt like you went on the show and blah, blah, blah...." I'm like, okaaaay? But, I wasn't going on the show to take her job. I was going on the show to promote my book. One thing about me...my loyalty has never been questioned by my real friends. All of my friends, that's been my friends, are still my friends. Industry friends, my old friends from back in the day...are my
friends. I don't compete with my friends, I don't hate on my friends, I don't knock my friends. I want all my friends to win. Katrina Lee says: I like Toya, she's a naturally beautiful woman but I'm not buying that Tamar kept her off The Real. It seems like the only reason that she was invited on The Real this time is to talk about her brothers getting killed. She isn't on the same level as Tiny so Tiny being on the show makes sense bc she was in a successful group, married to T.I. and has a show on VH1, Toya is just a baby mama and that book was stupid. I can see why the producers wouldn't want to book her, she's not interesting enough. Every time she does an interview, it's always about someone else, never her. If she's tellimg the world that Tamar kept her off The Real then she probably told other people before and that's why Tamar probably deleted her. What's the reason for her not being on The View, The Chew, The Talk, or Ellen? Is that Tamars fault too?
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