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Pregnant Illinois Woman Fatally Injured Boyfriend Over A Microwave

Anger is a terrible thing. It will cloud all logical judgment. Learn how to control it, or better yet…Learn how to not allow yourself to even get to the point of this pregnant woman in this story. Keshia Golden who is 33, got herself caught up, over something that could have been resolved in a much better way. She had no criminal history, so this happens to be a surprise that she would do this to her partner. Even though there were no priors, she and her boyfriend had filed five domestic violence reports with authorities, that goes back to June. Well this last argument would be their last. The argument was over who could use a microwave to heat their food first. Keshia Golden was home with her boyfriend, along with some other family members , when the couple began to argue over the microwave. Pregnant Golden knocked a plate out of her boyfriend’s grasp. Golden’s boyfriend, who was 33, aggressively grabbed her and pushed her down against a counter. This caused his uncle to step in between the couple to separate them. The victim went to the bedroom. Allegedly, Golden decided to continue the argument. It was at
that point that she decided to go and get a sharp instrument. A family member tried desperately to separate them. This did not stop Golden. She allegedly took it upon herself to reach around them to lash out at her boyfriend with the sharp object. She actually sliced her boyfriend in the thigh. Golden’s boyfriend, was transported to a hospital with a severed artery and passed away. After this violent event, Golden allegedly left the house. She returned to the house when the authorities were there. When she arrived at the home, the family had identified her and she was taken into custody. The Hearing: Golden is 8 months pregnant with her deceased boyfriends baby. She was not present at the hearing. Although, Golden had no prior issues legally, it is documented that she and her boyfriend had some domestic disputes. None of them resulted in any arrests. Four of the complaints were from Golden. She alleged that the boyfriend had become aggressively violent with her. Her boyfriend was actually in the hospital after his complaint. He claimed that Golden had taken a sharp object to his neck. He did not press charges. Golden has a $2M dollar bail for this matter. Watch Video Below

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