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Chrisette Michele Explains Why She Used Another Woman's Miscarriage Photo & Apologizes For Inauguration Performance (video)

Chrisette Michele became the target of digital criticism at the top of 2017 when it was announced that she would perform at Donald Trump's inauguration ceremony. Although at the time the singer defended her actions by suggesting her performance would be an olive branch for change, she has since changed her tune. During her recent visit on The Breakfast Club on Nov. 2, Michele stated that she deeply regretted her performance and revealed the devastating toll the backlash took on her health. "I regret everything that happened. I think it was a bad choice," Chrisette told The Breakfast Club hosts of her decision. "A lot of times when you have a message of hope, a lot of times when
you have a message of healing, you think - you know, maybe it's a self-righteous thing, maybe it's a mistake to feel that way - but you think, 'Man, if I just tell people everything is gonna be OK, they'll hear me.'" And when asked whether she thinks the Trump fiasco had a direct effect on her health, the singer said yes. "The stress of Trump becoming the president, me becoming so associated with someone I don't support, and then the stress of the hatred online and then the stress of me wondering if I ever wanted to sing again, I think that had a lot to do with the stress on my body," she agreed. Watch interview below

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