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10 Year Old Fatally Injures Mother Over A Virtual Reality Headset

A 10-year-old young man fatally injured his 44-year-old mother in Milwaukee. He is going to be charged with first-degree homicide as an adult. According to a complaint, the young man was allegedly mad at his mother for waking him up early and not letting him purchase the Virtual Reality set on Amazon. While at the scene,authorities spoke with the 10-year-old. He said that his mother had woke him up at 6 am. He became annoyed. She also did not want him to get
the VR set. He was aware that his mother had a weapon in her bedroom. He went there and started playing with the idea of using it. He went to the basement, where his mother was doing laundry. He claimed that he was twirling the weapon around his fingers and it accidentally went off. He later admitted that it was not an accident and that he intentionally used the weapon to end her life. He is being held on a 50k cash bond. Watch Video Below

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