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Texas Fast Food Employees Arrested For Ecstasy Pills Found In Kids Meal

Picture this, you had a hard day at work and you say that you don't want to cook tonight. So you say let’s get some fast food. You get to the drive-through to order your food, and you hear your child in the background saying, "can I get a kids meal". You say, what the heck I’ll give Junior a kids meal. After waiting a very long time in the drive-through line, you finally get your food and just take off to go home. You don’t even look through the bag to make sure that the order is right or if there is something Wrong with the order. You just drive off and you take the shortest route home so you can eat your food. You’re not even thinking that the meal that you have just purchased may have something in there that you did not bargain for. Three sonic employees were arrested for placing Ecstasy pills in the food orders purchased at the restaurant. One of the customers got home and their 11-year-old daughter found a pill in her four
year old brother's hamburger. This young lady was very well trained because, she took the hamburger to her parents and, asked if it was candy. Her parents immediately took the meal to the police to let them inspect the burger and the pill. When they inspected the food, they definitely found an illegal substance. This could’ve been very dangerous because, had the little girl or her brother ingested that pill, it could’ve caused a lot of harm to the children. That’s why it’s very Important that you inspect your food. Especially if it’s for children, make sure that you inspect their food before giving it to them. Also, teach Your children if they see anything funny in their food or lying around to never pick it up and put it in their mouth. This is really important and it also gets them prepared for the world. There is nothing wrong with teaching your children life-sustaining skills. Officers arrested manager, 30 year old Tanisha Dancer, along with two workers, 35 year old Jonathan Roberson and 22 year old Jose Molina. Watch Video Below

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