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Trina On Her Mom Hearing Nann, Cardi B + Lhh Miami

While the chances of Love and Hip Hop Houston seeing the light of day at this point are pretty slim, according to reports, Love and Hip Hop Miami is a go. A colorful cast of characters are set to give us an inside look into life for folks in the industry in the 305, with some familiar (as in famous) and new faces in the bunch. According to Shadow and Act, rapper Trina (aka, "The baddest b-h") will star on the show, as will frequent collaborator Trick Daddy. Trina's storyline, according to the site, will revolve around trying to "balance her unpredictable family with the demands of her hectic music career." Trick Daddy will showcase the work he's doing trying to finish his newest project while also going through a divorce. Other stars include former Pretty Ricky singer Pleasure P, who we will see reunite with the group only to deal with heavy group tension. He is also set to deal with a love triangle between girlfriend Shay Johnson and "a former flame." There's also rapper Gunplay and girlfriend Keyara. He was briefly featured
on the latest season of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. Rounding up the cast are Latina singer Amara La Negra, producer Young Hollywood, singers Veronica Vega and Steph Lecor, party promoter Prince, celebrity stylist Jojo Zarur and Trina's cousin and fellow rapper Bobby Lytes. As for Trina's involvement with the show, it's a surprise considering that she said a few years back that she couldn't see herself going the reality TV route. "I like it, but I have limits with that," she told VLAD TV. "It's entertaining, for the most part, but I think there is so much more that you can offer on television than boobs flying out, shoes throwing, hair pulling, drinks in the face." "People obviously like the entertainment of it," Trina added. "It's nothing for me to do. I'm not going to feel like I've worked this hard to come this far to go back there." Well, people, and minds, change. And speaking of change, people can often can do that when the check is right. The Miami installment in the Love and Hip Hop franchise is set to premiere January 2018.

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