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Teen Passes Away After Trying To Save Drowning Children

A heroic 16-year-old Young Man was on Spring Break with his family enjoying his trip, when a disaster broke out. He saw that some children were in the water being overtaken by a rip tide. He decided to help the children and lost his life. He passed away after rushing into a rip current to save four little children being dragged out to sea. Bryce and two other teenagers rushed to help the children. Three other teens ran to inform some adults about the ordeal. The other two unidentified teenagers, made it out of the water safely. Bryce and another
teen were not as fortunate. Their bodies were later retrieved and airlifted to the hospital where they were pronounced deceased .  The teenager's family said that he passed away from a cardiac arrest. The four children who were having trouble in the waters were not identified. There were no lifeguards present. There was a sign stating that there would be rough waters. Bryce’s stepfather said: 'Being selfless, our son Bryce, while being pulled by the currents himself, literally called for help, not for himself, but he was calling for help for the little kids that he was looking out for” Watch Video Below

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