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Who Is Watching Netflix’s The Haunting Of Hill House?

The Haunting of Hill House drags you into a world that you never want to know personally or know about, not even in your dreams. It’s so psychologically thrilling that it makes you just scared for the whole night. I myself love it it but I can not be fully engaged in the series because it plays with your mind, of course if you allow it. The series follows a group of siblings that lived in this haunted house. It has many flash back scenes and you just don’t notice the difference between the past and the present. So you really have to pay attention. The graphics and the sound

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effects really gets you in there. It’s so dark on so many levels, that it’s a Netflix and “chill” for real. I personally watch an episode and take a break because I have to tell myself that this is for entertainment and it isn’t “real”. So watch an episode and chase it with something else to Clean your mental pallette. If you get the heebie jeebies about death and seeing the dead you may want to think twice about watching this. Let’s keep it real just reading this is going to get you to want to check it out. Watch at NIGHT to get the whole experience. Watch video Below

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