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Kimbella Addresses Rumors Juelz Santana Cheated With Remy Ma

Just 2 weeks after returning to "Love & Hip Hop," Kimbella is on social media shutting down pesky old rumors about Juelz Santana cheating with Remy Ma. The first issue at hand is the rumors are almost a decade old and it was before the Grammy nominated raptress fell in love with Papoose and married him. Secondly, Kimbella says the biggest issue with the rumor is she wasn't even with Juelz during his alleged affair with Remy Ma. Here's what Kimbella had to say: See this is the exact reason why you CANT believe everything you read in these struggling ass blogs!! Y'all fabricated stories get worse & worse everyday!! They left out how I didn't even know Juelz in 2007! Lmfaooo!! We met in 2009!! Last week it was he got a
baby on the way by another chick, the week before he's cheating on me with another chick, now this?! Y'all already know you will see me on the REAL news channel 7 if this man ever decides to act crazy!! The MAN can't win with y'all!! Leave him & us alone.. he's trying his best to show me & the world that he's a changed man!! Post about his new music.. nobody want to hear about wack ass stories that have no relevancy! What's relevant between Juelz & Remy is MUSIC!!! Post about that!! Oh and congrats @remyma on your Grammy Nominations I think that's awesome.. you've come so far and are a great example to women you can achieve anything!! You deserve it boo!! #GrownPeopleConversation #WeDidThat #Us #BlackLove Your thoughts?